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Federal Programs

Title I Services

According to the PA Department of Education, Title I is a 100% Federally funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to improve educational opportunities for educationally deprived children. Title I programs are designed to help children meet the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics.

In Avella Area School District, the Title I Reading program includes administrators, teachers, and parents working as a team to accomplish the following:

  • identify students most in need of help in reading related areas;
  • set goals for improvement;
  • develop instruction that adds to or supplements the regular classroom instruction;
  • involve parents in all aspects of the program;
  • create successful reader who see the value and experience the pleasure of reading.


American Rescue Plan - Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief Fund (ARP-ESSER)

ARP ESSER funds are emergency relief funds allocated to districts to address the impacts of COVID-19 on students. In Pennsylvania, the allocations were awarded to districts and charter schools following the same funding formula as Title I-A.  In Pennsylvania, districts and charter schools are required to reserve 20% of the allocation to address the academic impact of lost instructional time.


ESSER Fund (ARP-ESSER) 7% Set Asides

Districts must use their ESSER Fund 7% Set Asides as follows:

  • At least 30% must be targeted to social, emotional, or mental health supports to students.
  • At least 10% must be targeted to professional development and technical assistance to educators and school staff to address the social, emotional, and mental health needs of students.
  • At least 8% must be targeted to reading support and improvement for students.

ESSER Fund (ARP-ESSER) 7% Set Asides Agreement

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the District’s use of ESSER Funds, please email the superintendent, Mr. Cyril Walther, at

Federal Programs Coordinator

Ms. Carrie Graff

ext. 5500