Title I

Carrie Graff


What is Title I?

Title I has been the largest federally funded program in education. It was signed into

law in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson. The Elementary and Secondary Education

Act (ESEA) or Title I was designed to help students having difficulties with reading by

providing funds for extra attention, as well as materials and teachers. Since it began,

the program has gone through numerous name changes but it continues to provide

instructional help for those students needing it the most. Funding is directed to schools

based upon their poverty levels.


Title I’s Role at Avella Elementary Center

The Title I program at Avella supports the regular classroom curriculum. Small groups of

students in kindergarten through sixth grade work with Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Conn daily.

The students in the Title 1 program receive instruction that is targeted to their area(s) of



Which students are eligible for the Title I Program?

To be eligible for Title I services, students are identified in several ways. Their

classroom performance is evaluated, as well as their grades/progress in Reading. Their

DIBELS reading assessment scores are taken into account, as well as standardized test

scores in reading. Teacher and parent input is also taken into consideration. If your

child is eligible for Title I services, you will receive a letter and permission slip before

they can begin the program.